What is Kids BJJ?

We help build self discipline and sportsmanship in our kids.

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Caio Terra Association

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Mike Martin 2nd Degree Black Belt under 11 time World Champion Caio Terra

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Self Defense

BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger, heavier assailant.


We have BJJ for Adults (male and female) and BJJ for kids as well.  There are day and night classes.


Do not wait to get in shape before doing a trial.  BJJ will get you into shape as you develop functional strength.


We have Women’s Self Defense, BJJ seminars, and Birthday Parties.

Elite Program

  • Ask about Family Discounts! Locked Prices Unlimited Training BJJ and MMA
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Adult BJJ / Striking

  • Paid in Full Discounts! Locked Pricing Unlimited Training Day and Night Classes
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Kids BJJ

  • Locked Pricing Unlimited Training Day and Night Classes Open Mat Saturday’s
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Women's Fight Fitness

  • Two classes Weekly Morning classes (1hr) Coming Soon! Contact Professor Martin
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A Blackbelt is a Whitebelt who never Quit!

5 Reasons to Join

Our Family Environment

You will be apart of a tight community of like minded brothers and sisters all trying to achieve there goals. We know each others families, we barbecue, go to watch movies, and support each other when we compete.

Great Way to Get and Stay in Shape

You won’t get bored. I’ve trained for 17 years and I’m always learning knew things. A average class you BURN 1000 CALORIES! with clear measurements for success. There ‘s a clear progression with belt ranks showing you how far you’ve come.

Our Evolutionary Teaching Structure

We start everyone out learning a fun well thought out lesson plan. Anyone can start at any time because the lessons are a rotating curriculum. You can progress at your own speed. We have as part of our membership free online curriculum you can watch before you come to class to study on your own.

Self Defense

Be able to protect your self and family. The special forces, MMA athletes, Law enforcement all use Jiujitsu because it is the most effective way to control a hostile person.

Germ Free

Our gym is cleaned through out the day. Our gym always smells good. Clean bathrooms that are always stocked. We use a special germ killing formula on our mats that won’t effect sensative skin. So clean you could eat off the mats.