10. Never Grip Hard Until You Attack

10.  Never Grip Hard Until You Attack

Light gripping will save your hand’s grip strength. Light gripping also conceals your intentions. When you grip hard, your opponent usually pulls back hard, or immediately tries to break your grip. When I lightly grip a collar, they don’t feel threatened, even though they should be. They continue to allow me to keep my grip, while still trying to attack. It’s like a trap that’s waiting until you need to move a person or tighten a choke. Also, the location of the grip matters. I now grip behind the seams of my opponent’s triceps. This is easiest on my hands and hard for them to break the grip. Common sleeve grips are a pistol grip or a thumb grip. The thumb grip I love but wears my hands out. I now shy away from grip-heavy guards like spider guards and de la Riva. This saves my grips in the long haul.