Affiliate with Strong Heart Academy

About our Association

We are commited to having a tight family of schools.  Professor Martin is uniquely involved with each school.  When you join us we grow together and we go to war together.  No exceptions.

Affiliation Benefits - $130 monthly

Advice – Marketing strategies and we back-link your website from our Affiliation page, advice on gym layout, schedules, etiquette, and instructor training courses.
Lineage – From the source, progress reports, ability to advance, ranking.
Online – curriculum included with Affiliation.
Belts – Cheaper belts and gis, but we keep our quality high.
Seminars – You can make money and energize your students held by Professor Martin.
Strong Heart Academy patches (one per gi) Leadership – Professor Martin answers texts, calls, and emails quickly.

Phoenix BJJ

List of Strong Heart Affiliates:

Triple Threat BJJ

Head Instructor:  Eric Shin

Address:  201 W Ash St, Globe, AZ 85501

Phone:  312-489-6018


Loma De Luz BJJ Club

Head Instructor:  Dr. Peter Stockton

Address:  Belfate, Honduras