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Luke gets his Purple Belt
After over 15 years of training BJJ, Luke Krumtinger has taken his Purple Belt test and passed. He survived the gauntlet and he was given his Purple Belt. Many students get busy with life, but
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Ronnie receives his Blue Belt
Ronnie Mendicino has been with Strong Heart Academy for many years. He has tested for his Blue Belt and went through the Gauntlet. Congrats on the well earned belt.
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Tim receives Blue Belt
Tim McCulloch has been training for 3.5 years with Strong Heart Academy. He has passed the Blue Belt test and made it through the gauntlet.
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Father and Son get promoted
Brandon and Alec Delafield are father and son. Alec trains in the adult class, but started in our Kids BJJ program. Brandon received his Purple Belt and Alec got his Blue Belt.
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